What an amazing story! What makes this even more impactful is the fact that John could not share with the world the way he felt until he was nearly 20 years old! This book is written from the perspective of a non-verbal autistic man that grabs at the heart while at the same time helping us realize what he went through. John does a great job sharing his experience and giving very specific suggestions on how people can understand those with autism and relate to them. He also has a very specific message for those struggling with not being able to communicate. He offers encouragement for all who read it, and shares his 10 secrets for what I would say is a way to be happy with who you are now. If you want to know how to claim your personal power, John leaves no excuses to do it now. I highly recommend this book, especially to those who think they cannot share their message with the world because of any personal challenge – this book is proof that all can be overcome.”

5-stars-amazonI highly recommend this book! August 9, 2015

Jonathan Davis
Book Review from Amazon.com



Here at Sci-Fi Bloggers.com (blog opens in new window), we like showcasing a variety of different opinions. Normally they are those of our intelligent team of contributors, which continues to grow, even to this day. However, there are times when we are sent something written by a fan of the site, or someone simply interested in sharing their ideas, that we are compelled to share. Some of us may have a different idea of how things work, but it’s nice to mix things up and explore the views of others. Science fiction is all about imagining and creating the future, and it never hurts to take a look at the exciting possibilities of tomorrow.

I would personally like to note the poetic nature of the content, as it is not traditional prose, so to speak. Enjoy!”

Dylan Alexander
Editor-in-Chief, Sci-Fi Bloggers,com



I recently read a very touching and moving story about a severely autistic 19 year old named John Smyth. For the first 16 years of John’s life, he appeared to lack nearly all communications skills and have intelligence ranking closer to a vegetative state.

Then what some would call a miracle occurred. Medical professionals learned that John in fact was not only very aware of his surroundings and what was happening to him, but that he had been encyclopedically absorbing everything around him. And he discovered his own, very powerful means of communication – as a writer.

As I read…, I felt goose bumps develop all over my body. I was incredibly moved, touched and inspired at the same time.

Much of my life has been involved with teaching and motivating people to become stronger physically but more important, mentally. As a SEAL we call this “strengthening our Combat Mindset”. As a motivator, I call this “Reaching Beyond Boundaries”.

John understands these concepts better than I do. He does not allow his autism to define who he is. He does not allow this obstacle from holding him back. John took control of his life and reached well beyond the boundaries others placed on him.

I can promise you this, if you read John’s poem, listen to his Dad’s narration, you will not only develop a real fascination and admiration for this young man, but you will become a stronger person through John’s powerful words. I do hope you share this with your Family and Friends.

With great respect and admiration… “

Don D. Mann
SEAL Team 6/ USN/ret.



I want to tell you that this book had a profound impact on me! This morning, (after little sleep), I am filled with a deep sense of wholeness as if a cavern of awareness suddenly opened up beneath my feet and its radiance rose up surrounding me and penetrating my flesh with a resurgence of energy, confidence and determination. My spirit is lighter and my strength has doubled. I praise God for giving you the gift you now share with all of us.”

Wendy J.
Mother of nonverbal autistic Nick



This book is AWESOME!!!!”

Bethany P.



To EVERYONE! This is truly a talented young man! Such an inspiration!”

Bill C.



John hits a chord inside our souls…”

Angie Sylas
Certified Music Therapist



Wonderful. Amazing. Breathtakingly moving…”

Iva N.



Quite phenomenal.”

Kristy T.