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An autistic nonverbal reveals life secrets from the profound Silence that holds us all. These secrets shape every person’s reality and potential. Yet most of humanity is unaware of them because of the depths of isolation required for discovery.

john-smyth-469x532Author John Smyth, age 21, was regarded as mentally incompetent and without potential for contribution to society less than 5 years ago. Yet he taught himself to read at age 3, perceived all of life around him with extraordinary sensory accuity, and, after 16 ½ years of isolation, entered the world of communication. In this book, John shares how embracing these discoveries has enabled him to grow from the depths of despair and resignation to a life of gratitude and accomplishment.

Intimately familiar with the challenges of autistics who cannot speak and the depth of their self-esteem issues, John’s words guide with insights that can facilitate and speed nonverbal journeys to healing and effectiveness. Others struggling for their place in the world will also benefit greatly, and several “normals” have also commented that this book provides powerful tools for everyone. To John, the nonverbal have advantages over the normals who live in a world of shallow chatter. He encourages nonverbals to claim their uniquely special place given by their gifts, passion, and the depth of their relationship with the Silence.

In John’s own words, From Autism’s Tomb is…

… a book of experiences and insights. It shoots me from the time of my losing myself to the time that I realize that the silence is my friend. It shares the journey, the speeches, the insights, and the work to give back… especially to Kriss, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Naviaux, principal leaders, and fellow students who were there for me. Leading facts must be accurate. Like that idea of referring to them and looking at them as evidence of my state and growth. This will be important.

Powerfully communicates an idea that will transform – somewhat a salvation idea.
Quietly assumes appreciation flowing quite powerfully from the writer’s pen.

Tis a far cry from the book I would have written a year ago. Easier message to read. Teaching from the silence has more authority. Took awhile to get there. I am not really the same person. And I can speak to the progress the reader can make. Powerful hearts will see that a sick person was writing before with distress from the isolation and damage to self esteem. No longer now. Just a healing person striving to serve all who are where I lost myself.

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The Purpose of this Book

What John wants to accomplish

Teach the waiting there is hope. Want those coming out to spare themselves a lot of grief learning lessons I had to learn over a longer time. Want each teacher to see they are in the presence of real competence. Want all to know we are there and present.

The Book’s Importance: the Biggest Difference it will Make

It will powerfully witness to a population pitifully waiting persistently disabled and strongly capable intellectually that they have sisters and brothers who are sifting through the system and working to make it wonderful for them. We are in this together. They have allies and friends. Hopefully will also make real teaching apparent to the strong and, frankly, dreaded deaf.

The Best, Ideal Outcome from this Book

The world sees a gap it needs to address.
Lots of people get a voice and lost souls are found,
love is renewed, faith is restored, hope sincerely grows.

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