Testimonials About John Smyth and From Autism’s Tomb What an amazing story! What makes this even more impactful is the fact that John could not share with the world the way he felt until he was nearly 20 years old! … Continue reading →

About From Autism’s Tomb   An autistic nonverbal reveals life secrets from the profound Silence that holds us all. These secrets shape every person’s reality and potential. Yet most of humanity is unaware of them because of the depths of … Continue reading →

 MEET JOHN SMYTH   John Smyth, author of From Autism’s Tomb, is a 21 year old expert on autism, isolation, and escape from isolation to a life of contribution. Diagnosed with severe autism, communication disorder, and seizure disorder, John lost … Continue reading →

“Little did I know what would eventually dearly change in my life. It seems so long ago now. I came out of the darkness imposed by autism’s experts only 4.5 years ago, Now I am living the dream I prayed … Continue reading →

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